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Welcome to the Skills and Career Development website

After completing education, the next goal of most individuals is to find a job that is lucrative in terms of both financial and career development aspects. A competitive work environment gives you a chance to learn, to grow as an individual and as a professional. Our website is full of guidance, see browse our pages and apply the advice in your professional life to see the benefits yourself. Please contact our Skills and Career Development team for more information.



Welcome to the Skills and Career Development website!


Welcome to the Skills and Career Development website. In searching for employment many people, given the choice, would wish to work for a larger company over a small one. They prefer jobs that will make the best use of their marketable skills and that have room for advancement within the company. There are plenty of jobs out there but actually, the majority of people are looking for a career.

There is less regulation against smaller companies. For example you might say all bets are off in small companies in terms of pension plans or health insurance. Most large companies have some sort of awareness of their employees work/life balance and this is reflected in their workplaces. This results in employees being able to take time off for personal reasons such as taking a sick child for an emergency visit to the doctor, or taking a week off for personal development. The reason for this is that large companies can see that happy workers, and those who are able to balance their family and work lives, are more productive.

Whether you are seeking a career or just a job there are employment laws in this country to protect your rights. You should familiarise yourself with them and be able to inform an employer if they are breaking the employment laws. There is a minimum wage, as well as scheduling limitations. There are also a maximum number of hours you can be asked to work in a week and a statutory requirement for a particular amount of time to elapse between shifts. Know your rights and don't get abused during your employment anywhere. If you would like to know more about Skills and Career Development, please feel free to get in touch.


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This website has nothing to do with the old UK Commission for Employment & Skills website.

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